Home re-imagined

EKO’s mission is to continuously innovate and redefine products for your home.


The EKO iMira: an advanced, ultra clear mirror – designed to give you full visibility, even in the darkest of rooms


The everyday can be beautiful. Beautiful products with decor enhancing aesthetics. 

Recycling Bins

Multiple Compartments for Stylish Sorting


Convenient & Robust, Soft Open & Close


Wave Hello to Smart, Hygienic, No Touch Bins


Perfect Fit Bin Liners, Odour Filters and More

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Home re-imagined

EKO was founded in 1997 with a vision to continuously innovate and redefine homeware.

For home makers seeking to transform their environment into a stylish and eco-efficient world, EKO is the way to re-imagine their home, with environmentally friendly products designed with beauty and intelligence at their heart.

EKO brings aesthetics, high-quality, crafted materials and smart technology to the world.

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T3 Review – Deluxe Phantom Best Bin 2020

T3 Review – Deluxe Phantom Best Bin 2020

Looking for the best bin? Don’t settle for a rubbish bin, take your pick of the very smartest designs available. Whether you're recycling, chucking out trash or even compacting it, we have a stylish solution for you. Eko's Deluxe Phantom is a great mix of automatic...

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The Deluxe Phantom Bin Top Rated by Expert Reviews

The Deluxe Phantom Bin Top Rated by Expert Reviews

Proud to announce our EKO Deluxe Phantom Recycling Sensor Bin claimed the No.1 spot in The Best Kitchen Bins To Buy by Expert Reviews. We love the EKO recycling bin because it has it all. The 20+20l capacity is spacious, yet somehow still slimline and the brushed...

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