EKO iMira Pro

Flip between 1x and 5x magnification
3 light tones: natural, bright & warm
Perfect make-up every time


NHS staff & key workers.
20% discount, plus
£5/£10 voucher for a friend

EKO Home re-imagined

EKO’s mission is to continuously innovate and redefine products for your home.

EKO iMira

The EKO iMira: an advanced, ultra clear mirror – designed to give you full visibility, even in the darkest of rooms

Recycling Bins

Multiple Compartments for Stylish Sorting


Convenient & Robust, Soft Open & Close


Wave Hello to Smart, Hygienic, No Touch Bins


Perfect Fit Bin Liners, Odour Filters and More

Choose Your

Home re-imagined

EKO was founded in 1997 with a vision to continuously innovate and redefine homeware.

For home makers seeking to transform their environment into a stylish and eco-efficient world, EKO is the way to re-imagine their home, with environmentally friendly products designed with beauty and intelligence at their heart.

EKO brings aesthetics, high-quality, crafted materials and smart technology to the world.

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The EKO X Cube Perfectly Summed Up

The EKO X Cube Perfectly Summed Up

A fantastic review of our X Cube Recycling Bin by Jan from www.aglugofoil.com. The EKO X Cube Bin: State of the art recycling bin that combines style, hygiene and convenience. Our EKO X Cube recycling bin is a state of the art recycling bin and is perfect for busy...

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EKO’s Key Worker Special Offer Scheme

EKO’s Key Worker Special Offer Scheme

THANK YOU NHS STAFF & KEY WORKERS EKO can not thank you enough for all of the incredible work you are continuing to do to keep the nation safe. As a thank you to our fantastic NHS staff and frontline workers EKO are offering a 'Key Workers Special Offer Scheme'....

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