Fantastic Deluxe Phantom Review from Simply Emma Disability Blogger 11/11/2019

We’ve received a fantastic review from one of the UK’s leading disability bloggers – https://www.simplyemma.co.uk/ We are so proud that our EKO Sensor Bins are able to help make everyday tasks easier for people with disabilities. Thank you Emma for your review ?... Read More

EKO coming to Exclusively 11/07/2019

EKO Exhibiting At Canton Fair 10/10/2019

EKO are proud to be exhibiting. Join us at the Canton Fair to see more innovation, designed with beauty and intelligence in our heart! https://www.cantonfair.net/canton-fair/canton-fair... Read More

EKO Announced as a Finalist at the 2019 UK Houswares Awards 07/24/2019

Team EKO is delighted to announce that we are finalists in the #HousewaresAwards19 for the new Deluxe Phantom Recycling Bin! These awards are the truly the Oscars of the Housewares industry in the UK, so we’re very excited indeed. Thank you to Progressive Housewares and congratulations to all the other amazing finalists! #ekohomeuk #recycling... Read More

International Home & Housewares Show, Chicago 2-5 March 03/02/2019

Another weekend, another show! This time, the EKO team is exhibiting at the huge International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago. We’ll be displaying many exciting new products, as well as favourites & best sellers from our existing award-winning range. So if you’re visiting the show then please come say hello to us. James, Stacy, […]... Read More

Ambiente homeware

Another amazing exhibition at this year’s Ambiente homeware event in Frankfurt! Hundreds of visitors over five days, giving an outstanding response to the new products coming to the UK. The big highlight was certainly the award-winning range of new sensor bins and other smart home technology. Hall 12.1 Booth E17 has been buzzing! Thank you […]... Read More

Latest Innovation

One of the most talked about items at our recent show in Frankfurt was the beautiful new EKO Morandi Sensor Bin. This has a premium soft, stylish and ergonomic design with a small carry handle – so it both looks great and is also very convenient to move around. Like many EKO bins, it offers […]... Read More

John Lewis Launch April 2019

EKO is launching in John Lewis! ? A unique range of clever new recycling bins and award-winning motion sensor bins will now be stocked in all John Lewis stores, and with much more to come. It’s been a labour of love from all the EKO team over the past few months, Here are a few […]... Read More

EKO Mirage X Sensor Bin – Review by Lifestyle & Luxuries

This beautiful sleek Mirage X Sensor Bin by Eko Home is part of an innovative range of bins to suit your needs including various recycling design options. I have a lot of good things to report about this bin and can make a good comparison using first hand experience. Firstly look at the beautiful shine – it’s […]... Read More


We can’t go to our favourite 5 star hotels to luxuriate at the moment. However, you can still satisfy your craving for a luxuriate getaway experience. Look no further as your next hotel experience can be at home, saving you the hassle of packing. Here is our step by step guide to creating a five-star hotel feel […]... Read More

How to clean and disinfect the most germ-ridden parts of your kitchen

The Express have released a fantastic article on how to clean and disinfect the most germ-ridden parts of your kitchen and proudly features our EKO Deluxe Phantom Sensor bin. Cleaning has never been more important since the outbreak of Coronavirus. However research reveals that many areas of the home are being overlooked and are not […]... Read More


We are at this time of the year again… There are lots of little cleaning tasks some of us inevitably put off all year, but it is now time for a good Spring Cleaning! For those who are wanting to do anything but cleaning, there’s a lot of cool new technology to help you make […]... Read More

EKO iMira Tried and Tested by Beauty Blogger Georgina Grogen

Good lighting is essential when doing your makeup. In the past, I’ve bought and used many different light-up mirrors, but I’ve never got exactly what I needed. They have always been too low down, needed new batteries every 5 minutes, or have a long bunky cable that needed to be plugged in constantly to use […]... Read More

Household Recycling On The Rise During The Pandemic!

In a rare piece of good news, it seems that household recycling rates are on the increase in some parts of the UK, with new research revealing that eight out of ten councils have seen a hike in the amount of waste being collected since the outbreak. Figures from the Local Government Association (LGA) show […]... Read More

8 Ideas on How You Can Make Recycling Easier

Recycling is an exceptionally important part of our waste removal routines, especially given how many of us are working from home now and generating more waste. Currently, the UK recycles just under half of its waste, according to GPT Waste, and with so much more waste being generated in ordering deliveries, it is important to […]... Read More

7 Common Recycling Mistakes We Make At Home

All your recycling needs to be sorted before it can be collected and processed properly, and some common mistakes are made...... Read More

5 Tips for Great Home Hygiene

The constant cleaning routine is neccersary but can become annoying, but there are steps you can take for a more contactless home.... Read More

Self Isolating? Top Tips To Reduce The Spread Of Covid In Your Household

Although England has gone back into a nationwide lockdown for the duration of November, with everyone told to stay at home as much as possible, many people will still be going to work during this period. If anyone develops Covid-19 symptoms they will have to self isolate and, should they test positive for Covid-19, they […]... Read More

Recycling Tips To Mark Earth Hour 2021

Earth Hour 2021 takes place on March 27th – which is tomorrow! So there’s no time like the present to really sit down and have a think about how we can all reduce our impact on the planet and try to make our home a better place for all, working in harmony with the environment, […]... Read More

How to Reduce Food Waste…. In 4 Easy Steps!

We’re all aware of how our actions can impact the environment, and most of us try to make sustainable choices where we can. All of our behaviours and purchase decisions make a difference to the planet. Every time we buy something, it sends a message to manufacturer to make more of that item. Every time […]... Read More

Have You Had Your Dose Of Vitamin G?

This year’s National Gardening Week is just around the proverbial corner, taking place between April 26th and May 2nd, which means that there’s no time like the present to sit down and have a think about how you want to mark the occasion. Even if you don’t have a garden or patio, you can still […]... Read More

The Chelsea Flower Is Postponed – But Don’t Despair, Just Yet!

We’re fast approaching the magical month of May, when spring really has sprung, the weather is warm, the smiles are broad… and the Chelsea Flower Show takes place each and every year. Except for this year, unfortunately, as a result of the global pandemic and the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the crisis, which has convinced the […]... Read More

5 Veggie Recipes To Tantalise Your Tastebuds

We hope you’re all gearing up to take part in this year’s National Vegetarian Week, which is starting on May 10th and going on until the 16th – the perfect opportunity to find all sorts of new and delicious recipes you might not have tried before. They say that the more colourful your plate is, […]... Read More

Could You Go A Whole Week Without Sugar?

World Hunger Day 2021 is just a few short days away, taking place on May 28th this year, helping to raise awareness of the fact that there are nearly 800 million people all over the world who don’t have enough food to eat – quite an eye-opening figure. The aim of the initiative – launched […]... Read More

Raise Your Glass! English Wine Week Is Here!

Is there anything better than kicking back at the end of a long day, with a glass of wine in your hand and the warm summer sun on your face? Well, if this sounds like your idea of heaven, then you’re in for a treat this June, with English Wine Week taking place between June […]... Read More

Bin Bags At The Ready! It’s The Great British Spring Clean!

We’ve seen a beautiful change in the weather over the last few days, which has been incredibly welcome after one of the wettest Mays on record – so we can finally get outside and enjoy some lovely fresh air, out in the sunshine. While you’re out there, enjoying the countryside and coastline, you could join […]... Read More

The Kitchen Pantry Is Staging A Comeback!

Interior design trends come and go, and while you’re sure to want to incorporate some of them into your home from time to time, it’s generally a wiser idea to avoid anything too trendy, as the transient nature of some new ideas means your home can look quite dated quite quickly if you’re not careful. […]... Read More

Bust Your Home Cleaning With These Top Tips!

There’s nothing worse than having a dusty germ-ridden house, is there? Tidy space, tidy mind, or so they say… but because we all lead such hectic, busy lives these days, it can actually be easier said than done to keep on top of all that cleaning. It often feels like you’ve only just put the […]... Read More

Some Kind Of Blue… 5 Interior Design Tips!

Colour psychology is a fascinating concept in interior design. The shades we have in our living spaces make a huge difference to how we feel when we’re at home. We’re loving that blue is having a serious moment right now when it comes to home interiors. It’s such a versatile colour, with so many different […]... Read More

Gearing Up For The Great British Food Festival!

If your tummy has been rumbling rather loudly of late, we’ve got some excellent tidings just for you – The Great British Food Festival (GBFF) is back with a serious vengeance, so there’s no need to ever go hungry again! Much like all our favourite events of the last 18 months or so, the festival […]... Read More

Be a Recycling Superhero!

National Recycling Week runs from September 20-26th this year with the theme of ‘Step It Up this Recycle Week’. This theme has been chosen to rally a movement in combating the Climate Crisis. The significance of this week will resonate with many of us with an interest in going green and living a more sustainable […]... Read More