Perfume Capsule Holder

Say goodbye to bad smelling bins using our Perfume Capsule Holder and compatible Perfume Capsules.

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Space saving compact design that holds EKO perfume capsules.

The EKO Perfume Capsule Holder is a self adhesive device which when paired with our compatible EKO Perfume Capsules is a smart solution to help disguise unpleasant household waste odours.
EKO Perfume Capsules fit neatly inside the holder and the self-adhesive device sticks firmly to the underside of household bin lids to mask odours and keep your bin smelling fresh at all times.

Features include:

• Suitable for sensor or pedal bins
• 3M adhesive tape that leaves no residue
• Robust yet neat design

Product Code EK8180
Capacity n/a
Dimensions  6.5×6.3×1.3cm
● Keep away from fire and ignition sources.
Bar code 6951800682092

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