Size F-1 Bin Liners 18-28L, 20 bags

Extra strong bin liners


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Extra strong, durable bin liners.

• Tear free roll pack, for easy opening. Unlike many others, EKO bin liners are not attached to each other.
• Integrated drawstring handles so they are easy to lift, tie and carry.
• Suitable for EKO Recycling Bins with two inner buckets, e.g. X Cube 20+20L, Ecofly 20+20L, Deluxe Phantom 20+20L or Neo Cube 28+18L,
• 20 bags per pack.

Product Code EK33706-1
Dimensions  49x68cm
● Plastic bags can be dangerous. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies & children.
Material PE
Bar code 6951800600614


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